Monday, January 15, 2007

Anyone know a good trained monkey?

In 5 days time, I have knitted only about 6 1/2 inches of what should be about a 30" baby blanket. I am not known for my math skills so much, but a blind deaf monkey could tell you that there is NO WAY that I will have this blanket knitted by Saturday January 20th. I would have to knit at least 6 inches of blanket a day to come even close and I would still be binding off in the car out side the party. I measured my gauge and figured out that there are 8 rows in one inch. There is no light at the end of this tunnel. I just hope that my friend Ursula doesn't stab herself with the knitting needles when she opens this unfinished seed stitch and cabled blanket from no where pleasant. And I am sure you are asking your self, "Why would she knit a yellow blanket?" Well there is a great answer for that, she does not know what she is having and she decided that the bumble bee pattern at the baby store was too cute to pass up, so she is going to have a yellow blanket and I am NEVER knitting ANYTHING yellow again as long as I live. *grin*


  1. That baby blanket is SO worth waiting for! :-) Perhaps take an in-progress photo and put it in a blanket-sized box? She's going to LOVE it!

    Still giggling at the stabbing herself with the needles bit.

  2. Beautiful! I have your package already to send off to you, just one final thing to put into it, should be off to you tomorrow. Secret Pal