Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Apparently we have been nice to someone in this lifetime because we have had the good fortune of coming into a brand new laptop. This thing is amazing!! I have never owned a laptop, I have used them, but never had the fortune to own it. I must say that this is very exiting for me, I feel so Carrie Bradshaw sitting here in the coffee shop and blogging right now to you all. I know that having this laptop will change my life in many ways, hopefully it will be for the good and I won't want to throw it across the room at a moments notice. I will say that I am a bit concerned of the stability of the portable computer after reading so many of the Yarn Harlots issues with her laptop. But I am going to keep my fingers crossed and baby this electronic life changer and hope for the best!! I will be posting photos very soon, I know I have been saying that for a bit, but now that I have this electronic jewel, it will be easier for me to blog and post photos, yea!!!!

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