Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy New Year? Late...

I know, I am late with the Happy New Year exclamation, but I am always late to everything. I wouldn't want to do something on time and have the earth suddenly stop rotating the sun now would I? For example, I was late to work to day, I waltzed in at 10am with a hardy "Good Morning" to everyone, sat down at my desk and started to write my blog. Please, no worries about me completing my duties today, piece of cake! But completing my knitting projects on time, that is another story.

As I had said before I received my yellow yarn for the baby blanket that I need to knit for a girlfriend of mine. Tuesday I casted on to size 7 needles 230 stitches. Yes, 230!! Then after finishing the border I realized that I miscalculated the number of stitches and had to quickly rearrange the pattern to make it work because I certainly was not going to frog the 20 rows that I had just completed, I have a deadline. As Tim Gunn would say on Project Runway, "Make it work!" So I tried. And the more I knitted the blanket the more I was unhappy with it and over lunch I mentioned to my co-worker Colleen (no, not my mom) that I thought my friends baby shower was coming up and that I had to kick it in high gear. No sooner than I said that, she called to get my mailing address and informed me that the shower was January 20th. Now I am in a bind. Do I continue with the blanket as is and not be remotely satisfied with it or do I frog it and start over? You see the problem is that I was making a ribbed/cabled blanket with a seed stitch border and after knitting 20 rows it looked to loose and I am a tight knitter naturally. So I did what some would think as unfathomable, knitters would say, that is life, I FROGGED IT! I just can't gift something that I am not happy with. I have already broke one of my New Year's Resolutions, No knitting deadlines. Today is January 11 and I have as of 11:45am casted on my size 6 needles 220 stitches and have completed 4 rows of knitting. I am hoping to get at least 3 or 4 rows done at lunch and tomorrow I will let you know how late I stay up tonight knitting. Photos of Christmas knitting to come, I promise and progress on the yellow baby blanket that we will call Ursula too.

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