Monday, November 26, 2007

The Good, The Bad and The Smelly


Thanksgiving Dinner

The Family, left to right, Mimi(paternal grandma), Michelle (sister-in-law), Cody (nephew), Todd (oldest brother), Grandma (maternal grandma), Me, and Sensei. Mom is taking the photo.Sensei, stop tickling me, I am knitting!!!


When we got home, the fridge had died while we were gone to Grandma house for Thanksgiving weekend. We are hoping that it will be a minor financial fix instead of a replacement. As you can see, I have emptied the entire thing, it was pretty much an entire loss of food.


The toilet got backed up so bad that the shower stall floor filled up with sewer water after several attempts of removing the clog with a plunger and Liquid Plumber. I will spare you the descriptive details and photo of the ordeal, suffice to say, it was a crappy situation (pun intended!)


  1. 1) Your Richard is a handsome dude.

    2) I hope your 'fridge fix is cheap but if you need a replacement we have one that was used less than 6 months for sale - and MUCH cheaper than new. So let me know!

    3) Toilet - ughhhhhh

    4) Please invite me to your next Thanksgiving dinner, ok?