Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No Deep Thoughts

No deep thoughts, no in site, no words of encouragement from me today. Just a couple of photos that I took and thought I would share. Because really, no one wants to hear how stressed I am with all the holiday knitting I have committed myself to. I said last year that I wouldn't do it, but I guess I couldn't stick to that. (my English skills are stunning right now too!) I finally got the yarn order completed yesterday for my nephew's sweater. I had to pay for 3 day shipping so that I would get it in enough time to complete for Christmas photos. I started another gift project, I still have to finish my green socks, 2 baby gifts to start and complete, my moms birthday sweater (from July!!) and a few other things that have escaped my mind. But to be quite honest, even though I am a little stressed about all the knitting, I wouldn't have it any other way! I could have worse problems...wait, I actually do have worse problems. OK, knitting is my escape, my sanctuary, my zen.

Here is a scarf that I did last year but only had time to wear it a couple of times before it got too warm to wear. But it has sure come in handy lately!

I made this out of one hank of Baby Grande Alpaca in a 1x1 rib, I like the look of stockinette with out the rolling. It is very light, warm, soft and fuzzy. Me likes.

And my favorite furry guy in the whole wide world. Mugsy, laying on top of Sensei on the couch. Sensei, a bit camera shy that day. Mugsy IS the king of the house, we just live around him.

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  1. Oh my goodness! How cute is Mugsy! Well, of course he's the King of the house when he looks like that! Too cute!

    Hopefully we can meet up at Purlescence soon to get some of this holiday knitting done! I feel your stress!!