Friday, September 08, 2006

All I want for Christmas is my Clapotis

So I am knitting the Clapotis and I still can't stop searching EBay for new yarn. I am going to have the IT department at work block that site from me because I have not been able to demonstrate any sort of restraint! So I have not completed that much on the Clapotis as you can see! And no, contrary to some popular belief in my office at work, this is NOT my new knitted G-String!!

Also like a fish takes to shiny objects, I was in the fabric store for a completely different reason and I happen to pass by and display of yarn that caught my attention. See I had an idea to knit my darling little niece a sweater. Honestly I have never knitted anything that somone would wear and it had to fit. I have just knitted blankets, scarves etc. So I thought that a kids sweater would be a good start for me. Besides, how can you not knit something for this face!

So I called Caitlin a couple of weeks ago to see what her favorite color was at the moment and she said it was purple. Last time I checked with her it was pink, but for now and I hope at least until Christmas purple is her fav color! (Mom, make sure that she loves purple still!) So I found the purple yarn for her sweater and here is what I have so far. (Crystal and Caitlin, this is all you will see of your gift until Christmas!!)

This Wednesday Sept. 13, 2006 we are having the baby shower at work for one of my co-workers. So the Big Bady Baby Blanket will be given to her finally. I will have to post the photo of the blanket later. So I had some left over yarn and thought it was enough to make booties. I have never made booties so I had to search online for an easy pattern and I ran across one on
Bev's Country Cottage. But appearantly I can't read or count because I made the booties a bit wrong as you can see. But I think they are a decent first attempt.
So now I have two projects OTN (on the needles) and I am about to start another with the yarn that was just sent to me that I bought off EBay. Not sure exactly what it is going to be but I just want to start knitting it because I can't wait to see what it looks like. Actully it is going to be someones Christmas gift and I just don't want them to know!

Knit you later!

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  1. You have a real way with writing. You are very good at this! More blogging!!!!
    I'm so happy you have found knitting. We should all have hobbies that we enjoy. Keep up the good work and I for one am looking forward to Christmas !!!