Monday, September 25, 2006

Where art thou knitting?

It has been a few days since I have posted anything, but that is for good reason. I have not completed very much knitting. I am still working on my Clapotis and have dropped the 3rd stitch so far. But it has become dreadfully obvious that I am going to have to buy more yarn to finish this project. Especially since I want to make it longer than the pattern calls for. So I am visiting eBay sometime this week.
I have also stumbled across a pattern when I was surfing through knitting blogs that I want to start knitting, the Lady Eleanor Stole. So I will be searching for the best price on Noro Silk Garden #34 and #88. I decided to use two colorways because this will make the wrap more versatile. From what I have read, I am going to need about 9-10 balls of the Noro yarn, I have 3 balls of Silk Garden #34 already, so I can start the pattern, I just have to make sure that I get the rest to finish.

So the title this posting must be explained. Sunday's are usually my Stitch N' Bitch gathering that I have NEVER missed since I have started going, but this Sunday I was to miss my knitting. My DBF scored 2 tickets to the Sunday matinee of Romeo and Juliette at Opera San Jose. I was first of all shocked that he got the tickets and then was even more shocked that he wanted to go and miss a fairly large amount of Sunday NFL on the tube. But at this point I was not going to ask questions, just go with it. All of this might have been spurred by my question that I posed to him a couple of weeks ago. I asked him to name a romantic thing that he has done for me. I did have to clarify that taking out the garbage was not romantic but a necessity, so he had to think again. When he could not really answer me properly I think he got the point. So off to the Opera! I have never been to the Opera, he thought that he over heard me say that I wanted to the opera, but in actuality I said that I wanted to go to see a play. Play, Opera, same thing in his eyes. But I am not complaining at all, I am quiet impressed that he was willing to give up part of his Sunday football for a little culture with me. It was very enjoyable and we both had a great time. He even said that he would like to go and see another! Madame Butterfly is on my list. After the opera we went to our favorite sushi place and ate until we could eat no more. Shiro Maguro, yummy!!

So roll back one day to Saturday...
NOTRE DAME WINS!!! It was a fabulous come back. They should have never gotten into the position of having to come back, but it was still a fantastic come back!! Cheer Cheer for ol Notre Dame!
Go Blue and Gold!!
I am still looking for the right yarn to start my Notre Dame scarf. Please let me know if any of you have any suggestions.

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