Monday, September 04, 2006

Sunday, Sunday


So it is Sunday and Sensei (DBF) is out of town visiting with family. I decided to stay behind becuase I had the opportunity to work Saturday for 10 hours of overtime!! The decision was not hard. Also, Sundays are my Stitch n' Bitch group meetings and I CAN"T miss that!I gave my best friend the scarf I just completed for her birthday this past Thurday over lunch at this Thai resturant, Blue Mango, and she loved it (See above) . Well at the very least she is a good liar if she didn't. I am still working on the Big Bad Baby Blanket for the lady I work with, I am about half way done, see below. Maybe I will get quite a bit comepleted at today's Stitch n' Bitch meeting.Speaking of the meeting, I have 15 minutes to get there, got to go!Knit you later!

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