Monday, September 18, 2006

Over came the IT Department

It’s a Monday!! So I have not posted for awhile and that is because for one I can’t get on to Blogger from work because our IT department has the site blocked and I can only post from the dojo (our karate school, San Jose Japan Karate-do Center) and secondly because I had no idea what to post! But now that I have read up on how to post to my blog via email, watch out! I am going to be able to post things when ever I get the notion and I get them a lot lately!

Yesterday was the Stitch n’ Bitch weekly gathering and there were several in attendance, at least the most since I started coming. I so look forward to Sundays meeting with the girls. They are so helpful to a beginner like me and they have such a great talent and I am continually inspired. I try to soak up as much knowledge as I can every Sunday. So I brought my niece’s Christmas gift there and was so upset because I though that I mad a HUGE mistake. To me it looks like the raglan armholes were completely off and that I had to frog it back to the decreases. But thanks to Janice and Mary, they shined a bit of knowledge my way and showed me that it was fine. So now I am on to making the front. And before I left last night I had to get some understanding on the pattern for the Clapotis that I am knitting. I was just about to finish Section 2 and start Section 3 (straight rows) and in rows 6 and 8 there were instructions that I was not familiar with. So Emy came to my rescue and showed me what to do. So you know that I got home at about 8pm and continued knitting until I finally DROPPED my first row on my Clapotis!! I was so excited to see how that was going to work so I stayed up until it was dropped. I wanted to keep knitting until I got to drop the second one but I just couldn’t hang on any longer. My head hit the pillow at about 12:30am. This morning I felt a sense of accomplishment, however my warm fuzzy feeling was quickly flattened when the reality of 5:30am set in and only had 5 real hours of sleep.

Ok, I am going to get some real money paying work done now. Until another notion hits…


  1. Good Job Missy! I'm enjoying your blog(s)!

  2. That first stitch dropping is kind of exhilerating, huh? :)

  3. Oh yeah! Makes you want to get to the 8th row again right away.