Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Back problems

Yesterday morning was not a great start to my day. As I was getting ready for work I noticed that my dog Mugsy was not hanging out as usual, in fact he was not to be seen at all. I went to the bathroom and I spotted him curled up in front of the sink shaking really bad. Shaking like when you have been so cold, chilled to the bone and your teeth chatter and you look like you are having a small seizure, shaking. I called him and he would not come he just stared at me. I went over picked him up and he was tense and shaking and yelped very loud. I placed him on the couch and he yelped even louder and then turned and nipped my hand. I knew that there was something pretty wrong, he never tries to bite anyone. Off to the Vet we went.

An examination and x-rays later the Vet informs me that my dog has 5 bulging discs in his back. He has short legs and a long body and he like to jump up on everything and then jump down, not great on his back for him. And as you can see, we have hardwood floors, not great traction for him either. The Vet gave him a Cortisone shot and then pills for me to feed him daily for a week. This is supposed to help the inflammation in his back. But the worst of his recovery for us is, he has to be in the crate 24 hours a day only to come out to potty 4 times a day and this is going to last 3 weeks.

He is really upset about this, but not as much as we are. But apparently his injuries are so bad the Vet says that he is close to being paralyzed. And his 3 week incarceration is to allow scar tissue to develop between his vertebrae and the spinal cord. So no more jumping on and off things for him.

On to the knitting...

I have casted on for my Refined Raglan from the Winter 2006 InterweaveKnits. This was a bit of a challenge for me because the pattern calls for a Crochet Chain Provisional Cast-on. I have never done that before and I had to pull out my book to learn how to do a crochet chain. But I figured it out and I am excited that I have learned a new technique. I did not do it correctly because when I was ready to pull out the waste yarn, it did not unravel like the directions said it would. I had to pick the yarn out of my live stitches. Well that is because I am an idiot and knitted in to the wrong loop on the crochet chain. I have almost 4" knitted so far, however I am going to make the sweater about 2 inches longer than the pattern calls for. Check out that red, it is THE RED. I am a huge fan of red, its my color. And lets not over look the hemmed bottom, this is the first time I have done that too. I love that edge, it has such a clean simple finish. I am going to try to get this done by the end of March so that I can wear it at least once before it gets to warm.
And I have ordered yarn to make the Log Cabin Blanket for a friend of ours that is having a baby. I just found out last night that she was pregnant and is having a boy in about 6 weeks. She hardly looks pregnant. But now I feel compelled to knit a blanket. I have been wanting to do the Log Cabin, this is a great excuse to start it now.


  1. Poor Mugsy! I'm so sorry -- feel better soon, Mugsy.

    I was looking at the log cabin blanket in Mason Dixon Knitting thinking it would make a delightful baby afghan -- can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. "I had to pick the yarn out of my live stitches."

    You are not an idiot, because I speak from personal experience in saying that you are not the first to make this mistake. :O

  3. I am a huge dog lover and hate that Mugsy is so injured. Instead of the crate when you are home, will she sit quietly in your lap and be still?

    I had to learn the crocheted cast on for my socks that i just finished. I had to pick out the waste yarn also. I saw Vickie Howell do a snatch and rip on knitty gritty, but it did not pull out for me at all.