Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Something happened at work today that is bothering me to no end. And I know what to do but it is just going to take some time to obtain resolve. The best analogy to what took place would be, I am driving down the freeway at 68 mph and the CHP pulls me over. Yes sir, I was going 68 in a 65 zone, I was speeding, where do you want me to sign? Oh, you are also sighting me because you don't like the way my turn signal flashes? Well where is that acceptable? I will sign the speeding ticket, but hell will freeze over if you think I am signing the other one. When you encounter people that have an elevated power over you and exercise their position of power because they have a personal issue with you, that is plain sad.

On to better subjects, I knitted, washed and blocked the Golf Vest swatch. I am using one of my favorite books, The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd, for the pattern. I am not getting fancy, a little ribbing edging and stockinette. Simple but useful. I am a fan of red as many of you already know, I am pushing on my loved ones too. This is the before mentioned Cascade that is going to get me shunned by my knitting friends. It is a brick heathered red, it will go well with Sensei's golf clubs :)

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