Friday, February 16, 2007

One More FO

I really can't believe that I forgot to post the felted clogs that I did for my paternal grandmother who we all call Mimi for Christmas 2006. I sweat over these things. I had never done short rows and a couple other techniques that I learned as I knitted these. I love to over all outcome and wow factor that these get but I have to say, I really did not like knitting these at all. And the worst part about that is both my brothers and their wives all want a pair. Not sure if I can handle that right now. The sad thing is that I want a pair myself, I am just trying to talk someone else into knitting them for me. I will felt them myself and provide the wool and pattern, I just hate knitting that pattern. Any takers?


  1. Yeah, I am not fond of short rows either. I do have that pattern and plan on doing some of them for next winter for sure. I love clogs.

  2. First, your clogs turned out great - cute color combo.

    I just finished my first clog over the weekend. I didn't mind knitting the body of the clog but when it came to adding the second sole layer, I didn't like that at all. My hand hurt when I was done. And I also have requests for several pair. Ugh.