Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Don't Move To Murphy,TX

Let me first state that I am all for protesting when it is for a great cause, labor rights, civil rights, etc.  But to protest a law enforcement operation that is catching pedophiles is mind boggling to me.  I am an admitted TVholic.  I watch to much of it and last night was no exception.  The show Dateline: To Catch a Predator was on our NBC channel last night and from what the show stated it was their 9th operation with local law enforcement.  This is the first time that I have seen a community actually protest the apprehension of pedophiles.  Grown men chatting on the Internet with girls that they think are 12, 13 or 14 years old and in some cases they were looking for young boys show up to a home and are busted for their inappropriate behavior.  I don't know about you, but where can I sign up and offer my house as the base of operation?  Why would anyone have issue with getting these pedophiles off the street?  There is nothing alright about wanting to have sex with a 12-14 year old girl, no matter what age, especially when they are old enough to be their father and even worse, their grandfather.  Shame on the neighbors in Murphy TX, I am hoping that they did not have any children. 
But then there are the extreme opposite cases of over protecting your child like the man that I saw on the news last night.  His son was competing in a school wrestling match, he was not winning, his opponent had him pinned.  Then out from no where you see the father of the pinned boy come flying out on the mat and shove the other boy off his son.  What is wrong with you?  Yes, I am speaking to you Super Dad.  It is OK if your son loses.  It is a part of life. I was trying to do some more investigating on the incident prior to running my mouth with my opinion, but why start now? My attempt to find the video on You Tube was fruitless.  But there are still photos on the Internet if you are interested. The father is also a wrestling coach at another school and he along with the weirdos that I spoke of earlier, is no longer going to be allowed around children. 
So, this is a knitting blog mostly and I should make note of some knitting progress along with my social rants.  My niece is turning 5 towards the end of the month and I have completed her Turtleneck Shrug.  I will have photos for you after I give it to her.  But this morning I went to Target to get a cute little t-shirt to put under it when I give it to her.  I was circling the racks and came upon a little white shirt with cherries printed in the front in the exact color as the shrug, it was kismet.  When I was holding the shirt up with the shrug placed over it to get the full effect and debating on the size of the shirt and very nice lady was eyeballing my creation.  She had that look in her eye, she wanted to ask me something.  I decided to get the XS and placed the S back on the rack and started toward the check out when she locked eyes with me and asked, "Where did you get that?" I as humble as I possibly could be and full well knowing what she meant asked, "Get what?"  She replied earnestly, "The turtleneck thing."  I replied modestly,  "Oh, this, I knitted it myself."  "How cute", she exclaimed and I thanked her and proceeded to walk to the check out stand with what I thought felt like a little bounce in my step, I am sure for those of you that might have seen me in Target this morning you would claim that it was full blown skipping!


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  1. I too am a tv-acholic. Let us unite together!

    I saw some of those pedophile shows on MSNBC when they air. but last night I was at work. Did you see the one where the pedophile brought his toddler children to the hook-up??