Friday, February 02, 2007


I was at my usual knitting hang out, Purlescense on Wednesday night with big plans to get some serious knitting completed. One project that I had to get started was the Turtleneck Shrug in the Scarf Style book by Teva Durham. My niece is turning 5 this February and I thought that it would look adorable on her, smaller scale of course. So I had to buy some dpn's to start the sleeves, I am not proficient with dpn's at all!! So after the third time of trying to get that started I threw the yarn and needles in my bag and grumbled loudly. Absolutely frustrated with the situation, I picked up my Lady Eleanor to get more of that complete so I could show some progress. But the Lady Eleanor is not 100% fun to knit because you have to turn your work after every 8 stitches. After huffing every time I was turning my project, Nathania peeked up over her knitting and said that she could show me how to knit backward. Backward you say? I was intrigued, nervous but excited at the thought of not having to flip this thing back and forth. So of course I quickly gathered up my yarn and shuffled over to a seat next to her where she imparted her knowledge of backward knitting, and it was truly magical to me! Thanks Nathania, my needles and yarn thank you too for not getting tangled anymore.

I am not one to just give up easily, so when I got home and curled up in bed with my dog, yes that is him, isn't he cute? I tackled the dpns again and won this round. I finally got a few rows the sleeve knitted. This has been a challenge for my, but I think in the long run, it will be worth it. Besides, I think every 5 year old girl should have a bright pink turtleneck shrug!

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  1. DPNs are always hard and a PITA for the first few rows. Always.

    I can think of at least one 38 yo who needs a bright pink turtleneck shrug.... ;)