Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy V-Day to Me!!

I know that it is not Yarn Porn Friday, but I had to share what I got on Valentines Day. My darling boyfriend bought me an Orchid for my desk, I LOVE Orchids. And I got an email from my LYS Purlescense to let me know that the yarn that I ordered with the gift certificate my darling gave me for my birthday came in. So two great things in one day, yea!! You are looking at the start of my first sweater for myself and since it is for me, it had to be red. I am going to knit this sweater from Interweave Knits Winter 2006

I ordered the same yarn that the pattern called for, Plymouth Suri Merino in red, 2055. It is very nice feeling, I can't wait until I cast on this weekend.

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  1. Your orchid is lovely. (But the yarn is even prettier if I have to be honest!) My husband also purchased orchids for me for valentines day but they have not been delivered yet due to the cold weather.