Friday, March 23, 2007

Fat Fingered, Not Stupid!

It was gently told to me this afternoon that the reason no one could find my blog was because I had Stitches spelled wrong in the URL. This of course brought back horrible memories of me spelling Caesars wrong on very important (at the time) invitations that went out in the mail. I know how to spell "stitches" I ARE NOT DUMB :) I just typed to fast and didn't notice the error. So this is everyones fair warning, update your bookmarks, your Bloglines, your Blogs, or whatever. I am will be making the change in the URL and your link will most likely not work after that. I am not sure what will happen to te content prior to the change, but I will figure something out.

So the URL will now be


  1. yo's - that was retarded. :) LOL! i misspell shit all the time. thank god for spelling check in outlook and word docs - otherwise i would be the laughing stock .. wait.. i am the laughing stock. :) i <3 you! when are we having lunch? i have one good week left until i start my new job in los gatos.

  2. Well, I had my link pointing to the misspelled version and it worked fine!

    I'll update my links with this new one . . . don't want to miss anything!

  3. I've got you updated on my blog too. :)