Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Not a Millionaire this time

I am writing this blog entry from work, so what does that mean?  I did not win the Mega Millions lottery last night.  Because if I had, well I would not be blogging from work, I would have been blogging from a luxury suit that a one night stay would be equivalent to a months worth of income.  Then there would be some people in the world that would find out just how much I either like or dislike them because I would have the money to back it up.  I don't think that I would change all that much if I won the lottery.  I know that I would make right everything that I have ever done that was wrong if at all possible.  Like I would go back and pay for the lipstick that I stole when I was 14 from the local drug store.  I did it to see if I could get away with it on a dare.  That was the bad thing about me back in those days, don't dare me to do something, I would have killed myself to prove you wrong.  I once attempted to drink the whole bottle of Bacardi 151 (flask size, a pint or more maybe?) on Pismo Beach because I was told that I couldn't do it.  Well, I came darn close. Bacardi 151 is highly flammable and we were all sitting around a campfire....but that is a whole other blog entry into itself.  It would have to be titled, Why you should not drink! I have grown up a lot since then.  Back to the money, I would definitely pay for my niece and nephews college education, make my grandmothers comfortable, send my mom on a trip of a life time, I am not sure what I would do for my brothers and their families but I am sure that they would think of something.  I couldn't forget my best friends, Gina and Irene either.  Then my next move would be to talk to Warren Buffet and get financial advice so can keep most of my winnings!  It is nice to have a dream/plan...
About knitting, I am beginning to be a bit selfish about my projects, finally.  I am working on my 1st sweater for myself, still.  The Refined Raglan from InterweaveKnits Winter 2006.  I am into the waist shaping part.  I am 1/3 the way through the Lady Eleanor, I would like to have them both knitted by Easter, I am going to Las Vegas and it would be nice to have for the trip.  And I am currently working on a mohair lace caplet with yarn that my Secret Pal 9 gave me.  I will finish it tonight at the Santa Clara Knitting and wear it tomorrow hopefully, that is the plan at least.  I will have pictures the next post.  I know, I hate blog entries without photos, next time!

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  1. I didn't win EITHER! LOL!

    That said, I know that no matter what -- lottery or not -- I would still knit.