Sunday, March 18, 2007

St. Patricks Day and Birthdays (Photo Heavy)

Yesterday I went to Selma, that is south of Fresno (yes, I am from a farming/hick/okie what ever you want to call it area) for my grandmother and nieces dual birthday celebrations. Mimi turned 85 and Caitlin turned 5. My grandmothers sister made both the cakes. There are 85 candles on the cake and she blew everyone of them out! In a couple of tries of course.
There is my princesses cake.
She had the blowing of the candles out a bit easier, only 5.
And finally she got her turtle neck shrug and tam I knitted for her. He real birthday was in Feb. And as you can see she will more than likely not be able to wear this until next winter, notice the mini skirt and sandals? I knew I should have sent them back in Feb!!! Oh well, she liked it, she said that she felt like an artist wearing her beret. I made the sleeves to long, but that was fine, we just made cuffs and the hat fits a bit funny in the photo but I am going to say it was because she had pigtail braids on her head, yeah, that is it! We really rushed to get this photo taken because it was 80 degrees yesterday and I didn't take the time to get everything looking right, poor baby was about to sweat.
Both my niece and nephew love to come to Mimi's house, they have great food, lots of attention, games and puzzles....

But when they hear the words, "Its time to go" this is what you find...

Josiah hates to leave, he is trying to be stealthy. My day started at 6:30am and I didn't get home until 11:30pm. 6 hours in the car too. But it was worth it, I got to see some family and have good food and play with my niece and nephew.

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  1. she is HOTness! how beautiful is that friggin sweater and hat and sweater and hat. :) poor little thing lost like 10 lbs standing there posing for your photo. good one auntie. :)