Friday, March 16, 2007

Rant #2

Yes, this is a knitting blog and yes I will have some more knitting photos and content later today (Mimi's purse knit and felted.)  But I am more than disturbed by an event that happened at work today.  In  previous blog I wrote that I felt it was a shame that someone in a position of power could act on personal feelings and exercise their power against you.  Well today it was all confirmed.  There was an exchange of words between two other employees in a semi-joking manner, however the exchanged ended in the words F-&^ OFF (the full version of the word, not edited!)  Now, parallel that with what I said to another employee, "It is 5pm and DHL is waiting for me,"  my words were deemed "Rude and Abusive" and I was formally disciplined in writing. It was stated that it was my tone not my words, excuse my French, Bullshit!  For the record the person who used the F Bomb, I love her we are friends and I in no way am bitter towards her, I know she did not say it with malice, nor did I say my words with malice. This just proves to me that some people can't handle positions of power and that in this office you apparently can tell someone to F OFF as long as you do it with a smile :)  I feel better now, back to work.

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